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FAQ for Nigeria SMS Resellers Who want to Start an SMS Reseller Business for Nigeria

On this page you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions that our existing SMS Resellers have asked.  If you have not already visited our Reseller SMS Page please do so because the information on this page assumes that you have already read about our: 

  • Free Ready-To-Use Fully Brandable Reseller SMS Website that we provide to our Resellers. 
  • Fully featured Reseller Control Panel for use to Send SMS, Buy SMS, Customize your Reseller SMS Website, and manage your Customers/Resellers.
  • Powerful SMS API to connect your Desktop Software and existing website to our Premium SMS Gateway.

FAQ for our Free Ready-To-Use Fully Brandable Reseller SMS Website, and Reseller SMS Features

  1. Will my Reseller SMS System have Live Football Scores?

    Yes, your Reseller Control Panel offers Live Football Scores. You and your Customers/Resellers can enjoy the same Live Football Scores that we offer at our eTextMail service.

  2. Are there hidden charges that I need to know of?

    There are no hidden charges.  This is why Utiware eTextMail is so different.  We do not make you invest much money.  We want you to make profit from the 1st SMS Credit that you buy - hence no setup fees. Each SMS Credit that you buy can be resold at a margin of profit.  We do not hassle our Resellers or Customers with rules, regulations, and huddles to jump.  Instead, we provide you with a complete set of tools to help you start a successful Reseller SMS Business.

  3. Can I have Resellers under me as A RESELLEAR too, as seen on your website, who will have their own SMS Reseller Websites too, just like the sample Reseller Website? 

    Yes, you understood it right! Your Resellers will have all the features of your Reseller account including a Free Professional SMS Website.

  4. If yes, are these other Reseller Websites be linked to my own account such that they must buy SMS from me also?

    Yes, your Resellers will be under your account and they can only buy SMS from you. You are the only one who can re-charge their accounts.

  5. Can I use my own Company Domain Name or Sub-Domain Name for my Reseller SMS Website?

    Yes, you can use your Company Domain Name or Sub-Domain Name ( In fact, the only domain names and sub-domains that you can use are your Company Domain Name and Sub-Domain to brand your Reseller Service.  We do not provide any domain names for you because we want you to manage your SMS business under your own company brand.

  6. What if I do not have a domain name, how do I get a new domain name for my SMS Business?

    You can register a new domain name in Real-Time directly from inside your Reseller Control Panel using some of your SMS credits.  Your new domain name is registered in Real-Time and your Reseller SMS Website will be live immediately!  Then you can start to customize it to suit your taste.

  7. If I have an existing domain name which is fully functional can I add the SMS Website to it?

    Yes, you can point your existing domain name to your Reseller Website, or create a sub-domain and use it for your Reseller Website.  The instructions on how to achieve these goals are found inside your Reseller Control Panel.

  8. I already have my own website, how do I integrate SMS features to it?

    For advanced users, and users who already have their own websites, we provide "PHP Signup Form" and "PHP Login Form" for you to upload to you existing websites to have your Customers/Resellers Signup and Login directly from your existing website.  We also provide a "PHP Send SMS Form" that you can upload to your website so that your Customers/Resellers can send SMS directly from your website using only their user names and passwords.

  9. Will my Reseller Website look exactly like the sample SMS Reseller Website?

    Yes. Your Reseller website will be loaded with exactly the same information as the sample site, and then you can start to customize it from there.

  10. Do I have to pay Web Hosting Fees?

    Web Hosting is 100% Free - this is because Utiware is also a Web Hosting Company We are leveraging our advantage as a Web Hosting Company who own its own dedicated servers to provide our Resellers with Free Web Hosting and Free Professional SMS Websites.   All you have to do is bring your domain name or register a new domain from inside your Reseller Control Panel to have your Reseller website go live immediately.  Utiware will host your Reseller Website and provides your Website with Bandwidth for 100% Free.

  11. What is the size of the hosting space and bandwidth?

    Hosting space and bandwidth are provided for free by Utiware Web Hosting

  12. Will I get cPanel details for my Reseller website and those of my own Resellers?

    There is no cPanel. Your Reseller Website is a fully automated website. There is no need to upload website files.   You will have easy-to-use "Professional SMS Web Site Management" tools inside your Reseller Control Panel for editing and customizing your Reseller SMS Website.  Your Resellers will have the same set of "Professional SMS Web Site Management" tools when they log into their Reseller Control Panel.

  13. Can I determine the links I want displayed i.e. customize it for me and my Resellers?

    Yes, you can show or hide pages.

  14. Can I customize my Reseller website with my own logo and those of my Resellers? 

    Absolutely! It is a fully brandable website that even allows you to create your Company Banner image Online and change just about anything to suit your taste.  Your Resellers will be able to do the same for their own Reseller  websites.

  15. How long does it take to get my Reseller SMS Website functioning?

    Instantly, if you register your domain name from your Reseller Control Panel.  Your SMS Website is a fully automated website, there are no files to upload.  You will have "Professional SMS Web Site Management" menus that you can use to modify your website live!  You should Sign Up for a Reseller account so that you can see these for yourself.

  16. How long does it take for my own Resellers to have their own websites too?

    Instantly, too.

  17. At my company we do other web-related businesses, will I be able to add other services to my Reseller SMS Website?

    Yes, in addition to being able to edit the contents of your Reseller SMS Website, there is an Additional Services blank page where you can incorporate and advertise the other services that your company offers.

  18. How will my Customers/Resellers pay for SMS?

    Your Customers/Resellers will pay to you via Bank Deposit or Bank Transfer to your bank account  and you will assign some of your SMS credits to your Customers/Resellers' account.  You should add some margin to your SMS price so that you can make profit.  When you need more SMS credits, you can buy from us and sell to your Customers/Resellers.  Your Customers/Resellers can only buy SMS from you. We do not interact with your Customers/Resellers in any way.

  19. How will I know when my Customers/Resellers Signup?

    When a person signs up at your Reseller SMS Website, an SMS alert will be sent to your phone with the signup information about your new Customer/Reseller.  An email will also be sent to you.  You have the option to turn off the SMS alert from inside your Reseller Control Panel.

  20. Is there a way I can give out free SMS on signup at my Reseller website like you do at eTextMail?

    There is no provision for automated assignment of free SMS credits to your Customers/Resellers on signup.  However, other Resellers manually have been  giving free SMS credits to their customers who they believe will purchase SMS credits.

  21. Do I have to be buying 5,000 SMS credits each time?

    After your initial purchase of 5,000 SMS credits, you can be purchasing 1,000 credits in future purchases.  We make it easy for our Resellers to not worry about prices, or their websites, so that you can simply focus on building your own Customer/Reseller base. 

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